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Dutch Design Week at Koelhuis Eindhoven

At Dutch Design Week 2023, Koelhuis Eindhoven opened its doors one more time in its raw, existing state, before undergoing renovation with three unique exhibitions 

On the ground floor, we presented a group exhibition “Bubble Trouble”, with the works of Elsemarijn Bruys, Sjoerd Geerts, Pepelsenkrepels (Myrthe Krepel and Nadia Pepels), and Taco Tarn Joosting Bunk, reflecting on the role and impact of bubbles in society. 

Lichtspiel Lichtspiel – Experiment Nr 2. – Underworld by Zalán Szakács engaged with the water-flooded basement of Koelhuis through light, haze, and sound, creating a truly immersive experience. 

To make visitors aware of the past and future of Koelhuis District, we presented an exhibition Koelhuis Under Construction, telling a story of the building and the plans for the development of the Koelhuis District Eindhoven. 

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