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Foundscape Orchestra 

Successful series of performances with neighbourhood event 

On the 21st-23rd of July 2023 Foundscape Orchestra transformed the Koelhuis on Dirk Boutslaan into a living instrument, captivating visitors' senses with their unique and mesmerizing performance. Daniel Maalman in collaboration with Jasper Schütz, Jaap Mutter, and Brit Issa Rijnen transformed the building's features into an immersive experience, with architecture, the sound of material structures and acoustic space playing a central role. 


The building's sonic stories are narrated by an “orchestra of unconventional instruments”, including electromagnetic machines, pneumatic hammers, a robot piano, and porcelain speaker objects. Dozens of these instruments are attached to the building, operating as one cohesive live instrument. Additionally, guest musicians perform alongside the machines during the shows. 

On Saturday, July 22nd, neighbours were invited to attend this special, behind the scenes event. During the event, neighbours met Renee Scheepers, who organizes special activities to involve neighbourhood residents in the process during the transformation of Koelhuis District. After a brief introduction by Arnold van de Water, the audience was taken inside. Artists Daniel Maalman and Jasper Schütz explained more about the project and showed them a shortened version of the performance. After that, the presentation about the future plans and the development of Koelhuis District was given in the basement of the building by Arnold van de Water, after which the neighbours were taken for a short tour around the area.

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