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The initiators of Koelhuis District Eindhoven

Concrete Culture leverages the generative power of art, culture, and tech within real estate development undertakings. At its core, by adding tech and culture to urban revitalization, Concrete Culture strives to add value, drive economic growth, enhance vitality, and nurture the overall well-being of local communities.

Concrete Culture’s flagship initiatives include Koelhuis District in Eindhoven–set to become the Netherlands’ leading Immersive Experiences (IX) district, and Katoenhuis Rotterdam–a hub for Immersive Experiences (IX) and technology in the heart of Rotterdam Makers District. Both initiatives actively support creative and technical talent, enrich the cultural landscape of their respective areas, and contribute to the growth of the immersive technology sector in the Netherlands. More information:

Bakkers | Hommen is a leading independent real estate developer in The Netherlands. Specializing in urban development, their approach is rooted in innovation, long-term vision, and collaboration. Bakkers | Hommens was previously known for the redevelopment of the Lee Towers. With over 890 apartments, it is one of the largest office-to-residential transformations in the Netherlands. Presently, Bakkers | Hommen is the developer behind Katoenhuis and Koelhuis District Eindhoven. More information:

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